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Had an abdominoplasty a year ago… best thing I ever did for myself. I am so happy with my results. Dr. Cheng was so thorough and detailed, but also was very honest about what my expectations should be. She is a kind and talented surgeon. The office staff was delightful, and so eager to help with any questions or anything I needed. I would definitely recommend Dr Cheng to my friends and family.

I do my research- I flew in from California to use this doctor…. she is exceedingly detail oriented and a good communicator- I can’t say enough good things about my experience – the hospital treats you more like you are in an enjoyable spa than in a medical facility –

Dr. Cheng is one of the best doctors I have been to. She is so very kind and caring. She makes you feel very important and loved. I am so happy that I had her by my side during my breast cancer. She did a beautiful job on my reconstruction surgery. I am so pleased with the results. I look forward to all my visits with her. I feel so lucky to have such an amazing doctor on my team. I would recommend Dr. Cheng to anyone looking into plastic surgery. You won’t regret it

“Dr Cheng is fantastic! I have never had the surgeon call at home the evening of surgery, just to check in but she did!!! She is so concerned about her patients, and their happiness with their results. She is very detailed in her evaluations and recommendation. She has a wonderful memory, and excellent bedside manner. Her office staff is equally as great, working hard to get insurance approved and making the overall experience great. Will absolutely recommend her!

I can honestly say, without hyperbole, that I would recommend Dr. Cheng to anyone who has plastic surgery needs. She made me feel comfortable upon our first meeting. She was very detailed oriented in asking questions about my needs and experience, and answered every question I had, and I had a lot. She is also very funny, which just makes for very pleasant visits. She is not only excellent technically, which is obviously what patients are wanting, but her bedside manner is top notch. As I was lying on the surgical table, feeling slightly nervous, ready to go under, she held my hand while the anesthesiologist put me under. It was a such a small thing, but honestly, it was exactly what I needed. If you have any plastic surgery needs you need to give her a call. Her staff is also fantastic. I loved all my pre and post op visits. My surgery was life changing and I’m so glad I chose Dr. Cheng to help me with the change!

“I love Dr. Cheng and her staff.  From my first consultation, to my surgery and my follow-up appointments I felt comfortable and well taken care of.  I have never had a doctor hold my hand until the anesthesia had kicked in, but Dr. Cheng did.  And she was doing the same thing when I woke up in recovery.  I am so pleased with the results of my breast reduction and can’t believe how much better I feel about my body.”

“My primary care provider first referred me to Dr. Cheng when I had questions regarding abdominoplasty.  I could tell from my first visit to Dr. Cheng’s office that she was both personable and professional and I trusted her completely to help me achieve my desired results.  I was impressed with her attention to detail, her follow through, and her office staff.  I am very happy with the results.  It was worth it!”

“I had abdominoplasty and breast lift with implant exchange January 2015.  I was very very happy with Dr. Cheng from the beginning.  She is professional, she asks all the right questions to make sure you know what you want.  She is very detailed and precise with everything.  She spent a good amount of time listening and answering my questions and explaing things with great detail.  My surgery day went well.  I was comfortable with kind caring staff at Lakeview Hospital whom before and after my surgery took very good care of me.  As far as surgery results I could not be happier, everything turned out just as I wanted.  I wouldn’t change a thing.  As far as I’m concerned Dr. Cheng does things to perfection.  I have recommended to her many of my friends and family.”

“It has been a wonderful experience to work with Dr. Cheng.  She is unfailingly kind, thorough, attentive, and professional. She is able to make her patients feel like their surgery and comfort is her first priority, both during the office visits and on the day of surgery.  She kept me well-informed throughout the process, going out of her way to comunnicate with me and respond to my questions.  On top of all of this, Dr. Cheng is a highly skilled physician and meticulous in her work.  The members of her office staff have also been very accessible and helpful in so many ways.  I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Cheng!”

“I just had to share my experience after going back to teaching aerobics.  So – 2 weeks and 3 days after your fantastic surgery skills, I felt ready to try to teach Zumba again.  Going into my class I knew I would have to march instead of jump and the range of motion in my arms would have to be modified.  I was surprised by what I was actually able to do…I could jump a little bit (I kept this to a minimum) and instead of reaching my arms completely above my head, I was OK to bring them slightly forward, but they were still up.  I was so excited to be back exercising again and had a lot of adrenaline flowing, so during the class I was thinking to myself ‘I feel (and look) so good, but I may regret this tommorow!’  To my surprise, the next day I had so much more mobility in my arms and my breasts weren’t so hard.  I wasn’t sore! Yay!  So…needless to say I taught Tuessday, Wednesday and teach again today and tomorrow.  I feel great (I attribute a lot of this to Product B and your amazing care during my surgery) and I look great (I attribute this to my beautiful augmentation).  So – thank you for everything…we’ve really been impressed with your attention to detail and honest concern for me as your patient.”

“Dr. Cheng was referred to me by a doctor I see in the area that was familiar with her work.  I trusted this referral completely.  I am so grateful that Dr. Cheng was referred to me.  She is not only a remarkable, compassionate doctor, she is an artist.  My results are better than I expected.  I love my body now and I only wish I had the surgery sooner.  I now consider Dr. Cheng and her staff friends.”

“Dr. Cheng is amazing!  I was very nervous about the whole process.  I nursed 4 babies and went from a full size C to a droopy size A.   I felt very insecure.  Consulting with Dr. Cheng I felt so much better about moving forward with the surgery.  I felt like Dr. Cheng really cared about my individual wants and desired outcome.  I did not feel like another robot or plastic doll in an assembly line.  I love the results.  I ended up doing a lift as well as an augmentation.  I also loved getting to know Michelle and Sara at the front desk, so kind and made you feel very comfortable.”

“It has been a positive, life-changing experience to work with Dr. Cheng!  She is very thorough, attentive, knowledgeable and professional.  She is very responsive and kept me well-informed throughout the process, going out of her way to communicate with me and respond to my questions.  Dr. Cheng is a highly skilled physician and meticulous in her work.  I was very impressed with how she could describe how things would be before, during and after my procedures.  The members of her staff have been very helpful in so many ways.  I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Cheng and her team!”

“I am completely thrilled with the results of my breast surgery.  I had encapsulated old implants that Dr. Cheng successfully removed and replaced with new implants.  My breasts are natural looking, soft and fit my body.  Dr. Cheng’s work was careful, thorough, professional and beautifully done.  I highly recommend her to anyone considering breast surgery.”

“Dr. Cheng performed my tummy tuck operation with excellent results.  She was thorough in preparing me for what to expect, answered all my questions and made me feel at ease.  I would recommend Dr. Cheng as very competent.  My experience with her was the best I have had with the medical profession.”

“Getting breast enhancement surgery was one of the best things that I have done for myself. For the first time in my life, I feel like a woman. Dr. Cheng did an amazing job making me feel comfortable and at ease along the way. She took extra time to answer all of my questions and has shown genuine excitement for my new transformation.”

“Dr. Cheng changed my life for the better. Without her I would be in pain and unable to do the activities I do now. She performed a breast reduction on me when I was only 16, and not a day goes by that I am not thankful. I have minimal scarring and my pain level was very low. She took amazing care of me and made me have confidence in myself once again; I am no longer self-conscious. She is amazing at what she does. I will recommend her to anyone who needs a plastic surgeon.”

“I needed and wanted a tummy tuck so I researched on the internet for a doctor. I picked Dr. Cheng because I am a woman and her specialty is woman’s reconstructive surgery, and I liked her name. I made my appointment for a consultation. She was very thorough and answered all my questions. She made me feel like she was not rushed and that I could take as much time as I needed. I was excited after my consultation and made an appointment right away for surgery. Registration went very smooth and surgery was here. When I went to the hospital and they began to prep me for surgery, the staff was very complimentary and supportive that Dr. Cheng was going to be my surgeon. I felt very comforted. Everything went as I had been told it would happen. It has been 3 months now and I have made a very good recovery. I can do just about anything and have for some time now. I am so glad that I had this procedure done and especially that Dr. Cheng was my surgeon. I would recommend her to anyone looking to have reconstructive surgery. I feel it has been a very positive experience.”

“I am delighted with the result of my surgery and the tattoos. Everything looks and feels so natural. I found Dr. Cheng to be a highly skilled and professional surgeon, paying careful attention to detail. I found her to be very open, approachable, and friendly, always willing to give me time to discuss my concerns, and very thorough in her explanations of the procedures and what I could expect. Both surgeries went very smoothly with no complications. I had very little pain and recovered quickly. I couldn’t have asked for more. Thank you, Dr. Cheng!

“I received a breast reduction from Dr. Cheng, and not only does she make you feel super comfortable with what is a scary experience, but she made me look great! I am half the size I was, and not only was it a HUGE boost to my self confidence and body image, but I FEEL so much better as well! The back problems and pain I was experiencing have almost completely subsided; I can wear things I wasn’t able to wear without looking like I weighed at least 50 pounds more than I actually did; I have lost weight (obviously lol); bras are so much easier to find, and I don’t have the intense indents in my shoulders from them anymore. If I could rate this experience, it would be a 10/10!”

“Dr. Cheng offered me expert guidance and support through every step of my abdominoplasty and breast reduction. She performed a complex surgery with great skill. I look and feel better than I could have imagined.”

“Dr. Cheng is a compassionate, skilled and thorough physician. She takes time to explain the procedure/surgery and answers all your questions. She talks with you while you prep for surgery, which calms you and gives you confidence in her. She gave me follow up call after surgery to make sure you are doing okay. I was happy with my outcome from surgery and I wish I had done it sooner. Dr. Cheng gets an A+ from me.”

“I wish I could express ALL the gratitude
I feel for Dr. Cheng. My old implants were more seriously deteriorated than anticipated, and they took a lot longer than expected for Dr. Cheng to remove. She was SO patient and caring and very professional throughout the surgery AND the aftermath!! Honestly, Dr. Cheng’s sincere concern for me was obvious, and very appreciated. In addition, my new implants are beautiful BEYOND my expectations!!! Thank you so very much dear Dr Cheng.”